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Below are answers to several popular questions!


I know what model HP printer I have, but I don’t know the part number of the cartridge it uses?
Check out our HP Supplies Finder to find the cartridge you need.

I only see one brand of MICR toners on the price list. Do you sell any others?
Currently we have MICR Toners listed by Micro MICR on our website. We work with a few other companies and can also sell MICR printers as needed. We can help supply any MICR items you might need. Contact us for more information on other MICR products and a more competitive price than you are currently paying.

I don’t see the item I need?
We have the resources to sell over 300,000 products. Contact us today with the item you’re looking for and we’ll give you a lower price than you’re currently paying.

I’ve seen the price lower elsewhere. Can you give me a better price?
Yes we can! Manufacturers are always offering rebates and promotions throughout the year. Also, depending on when we last updated our list, the prices shown might be out of date. It is always a good idea to check with us and make sure the price isn’t lower. We also offer volume pricing and no shipping charges for local deliveries.

Some stores offer rebates and promotions. Do you have any rebates?
Yes we do! Check out our Rebate page.

Do you charge for delivery?
If you own a business, live or work in the Hanover, PA area, delivery is free!

If I’m not in the Hanover Area what are your shipping rates?
We ship Fedex Ground to anywhere in the United States. The rate charged depends on weight and the number of items along with distance to ship. Contact us for more details!