About Us

In 1991 we started to offer consulting services for the Hanover Area. We first worked on helping residential and small businesses understand the mysteries of Microsoft DOS, Windows 3.1 and the early versions of Quicken.

We also started to offer training services for the very popular WordPerfect products. We decided to start expanding the business and offer Intel 386 and 486 computers along with the original HP DeskJet printers. We partnered with several companies to supply our residential and small businesses with the latest technology.

Times have changed, but we continue to offer a wide variety of technology to clients. Many clients are on their fifth or sixth system through us.

As the decades have gone past , we have grown to be a very large supplier of Managed Print Services and Print Supplies for Commercial / Educational Clients. We also offer Web Design Services and Print Supplies for Small Business Clients. We’re no longer selling the 386 computer systems, but if you need the latest technology, simply contact us!

We’re fortunate to serve so many clients in the Hanover Area and across the nation. We think of each and every customer as a true friend!

Kevin and Kathy